Kevin's Custom Campaign

Musings of the Oathbreaker


I found myself in a human town today, Mish-Mash somethin’ or other. Not really caring much for the names and more for information.. and boy did I stumble onto it. Seven years have passed and yet now, in this moment, have I found the trail of something sinister from the homelands. Ne’er does it come a time when I’m not hunted. Whether it be hounds from the halls of the mountain, flitting elves and their deadly arrows, or even the sleight of hand with a vial of poison.. I’ve had my fair share and I still will not give in.

While seeking information on work.. I came across a man, a man named Viktor that had later shat himself at the side of a beast of a man in green garb.. him and a smooth talker that apparently doesn’t have the taste for cold food, he’d be horrified at the things I’ve eaten in my days HA! With common interest.. an’ apparently the knowledge that I’m <omitted> well let’s just say there is more to a man, or a dwarf, than meets the eye.

Now I feel as if Hrafni is the butt of a long running joke. Only time’ll tell eh?

A dwarf… a half-orc… a shape that resembles the rook from a chess set.. only larger and real.. an a fancy lad. We’ll see how long this goes.. at least until I come across who put a price on my head.. then I’m pulling my chips out.



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