Races and Cultures

There are six main human racial cultures.

Corvilians— From the land of Corvill. A coastal region and people. Their culture thrives on fishing, sailors making up a good portion of their society. They are more skilled at agility derived tasks due to their close association with life on the sea.
+1 to Fortitude and Reflex
+1 to Balance, rope use and acrobatics.

Ghorians- A tribal, celtic region and people from the land of Ghor. The land of Ghor is a harsh, unfriendly environment. Despite this Ghorians are a healthy and hardy people whose lives have led them to care less about what “civilized” societies find acceptable for social grace.

Currently at war with the Kheroshans.
+1 to Fortitude and Will
+1 to craft skill, Survival, Knowledge Nature

Larisians-Laris has a long history of political intrigue, maneuvering and even financial intrigue. Politics and promises, both broken and upheld are the currency of Laris. Right and wrong are seldom as important as what can be proved and what the letter of law dictates. Successful Larisians have often spent more time learning diplomacy,and the fine art of lying without lying..and the art of bluffing as well.

+1 to will
+1 Diplomacy,Bluff,Appraise,Sense motive, knowledge nobility.

Kheroshans The land of Kheros is a place of constant flux and change. A society where honor and strength are worth more than gold. Where survival of the fittest is the main law. A nation that seems to perpetually be at war, and it is a trait they are naturals at.
+ 1 to Fortitude
+1 to intimidate, Survival
+1 to initative

Vharish- The land of Vharis as for centuries been known as a society that has prided itself on being a place oflearning, wisdom and scholars. Always the foremost place for acquiring knowledge they are rarely drawn into conflicts with other lands and have several times been the cause of wars between other lands seeking to control them. Their libraries and colleges are among the best in the world and many covet the chance to learn at them. Due to this, Vharish tend to be well educated.

+1 Will
+ 1 to any two knowledges
+1 Rank Linguistics

Dajan- An eastern culture that has long focused on tradition and honor. Dajanese

+1 Will
+1-Bluff,Sense motive, perception

Races and Cultures

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