Sea Horn

Sea Horn is a large Coastal City that has long been a hub of activity for all sorts of activity

The city is practically divided into sections.

This port city lies on the blah blah sea and is the busiest port in the realm. The city is broken up into several districts.

The Dock District is the area near the docks. The constant clang of ship bells, the drunken shanty songs sung in the numerous taverns, the smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves lapping, the creaking of the boards on the ships and walkways fill the air. Rats and men scurry about both on ship and boardwalk. Shady deals can be made in the darker alleys of this district.

The Market District is the next area from the docks. The largest of the districts, it is segmented into smaller areas. Market stalls line the streets from the docks to the poorer residential district and into the districts for the temples, fighters’ school, and magic school. Beneath the Market District is the entrance to the sewers, where the blackmarket thrives. While slavery is looked down on within most of the city and realm, many slavers sell below the city. It is said you can buy anything in Sea Horn for the right price.

Sea Horn is ruled by a democratic council. Each District elects a representative for the Council. This insures that no one District can hold complete power over the Council. However, this does mean that frequently the process is at a standstill because each District representative is looking out for their District. There are also many power plays and rampant bribery to grease the wheels. Being a Councilor is a highly profitable profession.

There are two entry point into the city. One is the docks by way of ship or slipping into the city via the sewers beneath the docks. The other is by way of the city gates. Both entry points lead to the Market District as the busiest section of the city. The Market District is lined on the side by the Docks District, next to that is the Slums District and the Peasant/Poor District and the Barracks District which houses the Fighters’s School and city guard barracks and housing. On the other side near the city gates are the Council District, Merchant District, and the Commoner District along with the Temple and Arcane District which houses the Magic School and the various Temples dedicated Human gods. From the various residential Districts one can reach the small hamlets where the other races tend to reside in this mostly Human city. There are many alleys and small streets throughout the city.

Sea Horn

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