The Pantheon

Ranour – God of Light and Good. At odds with Vingral and those deities who choose to inflict pain, suffering, and strife upon the world. Has an uneasy alliance with Zehmanie at times because of their stance of not allowing Light and Good to fully prevail on the world.

Vingral – God of Darkness and Evil. At odds with Ranour and those deities who choose to fight for all that is right and good in the world. Has an uneasy alliance with Zehmanie at times because of their stance of not allowing Darkness and Evil to fully prevail on the world.

Zehmanie – God of Neutrality and Time. Maintains uneasy alliances with both Ranour and Vingral, never allowing one or the other to ever truly win out.

Carillien – God of Sea, fishing, and safe travels by water. Coastal cities maintain temples and bring offerings to this god to gain bounty while fishing and to pray for safe journeys by sea. The wives of fishermen are well known in the (patron city of this god) to pray at the temple each day for the safe returns of their husbands while they are out to sea. Before any battle that involves sea battle or travel, commanders pay tribute to this god to gain favor and good winds. It is said that to anger this god is to turn the tide of battle against you when at sea. This god is also known to be chaotic like the sea, at times vengeful while at others calm and peaceful.

Calabriel – Goddess of Love and Fertility. Pilgrims make the trek to her lavish temples in order to pray for good marriages and for healthy children to be born. Many farmers also keep a small shrine near their stables to make sure their livestock produced many offspring. It is widely known that in some cities with a more evil influence, the goddess’ temples are home to orgies and other debauchery. The goddess does not seem to condemn this however and it is rumored she has even been known to appear at these events.

Trelos – God of War and Battle. This god takes great pleasure in roaming the hills on the night before a great battle. It is said that those who see the shining armor of this god as he inspects the moonlit battlefield will prevail in the battle ahead. Commanders of each side in a war will pray to this god that their side may win. This god is known to

Veramus – Goddess of Nature. This goddess keeps no temple as the other gods do. Her temples are generally clearings deep within the forests and wild areas of the world. When people travel the forests and wilds of the world, they often leave an offering to this goddess in order to keep wild animals at bay and insure a safe journey.

Zarinya- Goddess of skill and wisdom. This goddess is often prayed to within training grounds for soldiers and scholars alike. A master tactician, commanders make offerings to her for inspired battle plans. The greatest scribes, bards, and writers are said to have glimpsed this goddess before their inspiration hits.

Koll – God of Death. This god is depicted as either a hooded figure with no face or the face is hidden in shadow. Ancient legends are mixed on the reason why. Some say this god’s visage is what causes death, others say the god hides his face because seeing his own reflection could kill him. This god is not allied or at odds with any deity and seems to almost act neutral much of the time. As the god of war comes before dawn to inspect the battlefields, this god comes at dusk to lead away the souls of the dead into the Underworld.

Dumas – God of Law, Justice, and Chivalry. Typically on good terms with Ranour, Vingral and Zehmanie. This god carries in one hand a sword to vanquish those whom he has passed judgement of guilt upon. It is said this god also passes judgement on where in the Underworld a person winds up based upon weighing their heart against a small feather. Those who have heavy hearts are sent to (hell), while those died with light hearts go to (heaven).

The Pantheon

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